Let’s try something new

by Scott Rosenhek

What is this all about?

Well, like the tag line says, Orca Hockey is about the Canucks and the other thoughts and opinions that pop in my head concerning the world of hockey. I have had a deep love for the entertainment value of the sport, having the fortune to watch the team from the city I call home.

For myself, it all began with the West Coast Express. The Amazing play of Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi and Brendan Morrison is the stuff of legends amongst Canucks’ fandom. The blend of speed, skill and toughness still gives me cathartic chills to this day. I think this video from the Canucks YouTube page sums it up best:

Wow. Just, wow. But, the wonder did not end there. When the time of Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison had come to an end, the torch was passed on to a pair of twins from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden (where Markus Naslund hailed from as well). It was just perfect that the next Swedish captain of the Canucks would also come from the same city of talent.

Following the brief captaincy of arguably the greatest (and funniest) goaltender in Canucks’ history, a new era would be ushered in by Henrik and Daniel Sedin, defining what magic through perseverance looked like on ice. The Sedins became famous for scoring goals in the most difficult way possible: cycling the puck.

That magic is on full display by what has been famously known as “The Shift”:

Video taken from CanucksVids on YouTube

Fast forward to today and we are witnessing the denouement of the Sedin Era. There will be someone else ready to take those reigns and as it stands, Bo Horvat seems to be that guy.

Horvat vs CGY.gif
Via Giphy

As you can see from the embedded videos, I like conveying my opinions and thoughts through visual aids. A lot of my inspiration for writing this blog has come from notable online publications such as Canucks Army and The Provies (Jason Botchford and Wyatt Arndt).

Since I am just starting out, I think the best way to get into the rhythm of regularly writing is to start with post game reports for the remaining games this season. I will do my best to encapsulate each game shortly after it ends, but occasionally life gets in the way. If I am unable to watch a game for any reason, whether it is due to my education or something else, I likely won’t make a post as it wouldn’t be fair to comment on a game I did not watch.

Another aspect of hockey that I enjoy very much is scouting. There is something about tracking potential NHL prospects and the possibility of the Canucks drafting or signing these players.

Via Giphy

With that in mind, as we get closer to the NHL Entry Draft, I will likely create posts regarding eligible players that I would hope the Canucks have an interest in. I think I would also like to do a few brief posts about free agents in the NCAA and perhaps the CHL.

Since this is a unique year with the expansion draft, I would also like to do a post-Expansion Draft piece that looks at the implications of the lineup in Vancouver and possibly Utica going into the Free Agency period.

Why call it Orca Hockey?

So, if you are still with me, I can give a little history to the name of this blog. After some deliberation, I settled on using the orca whale to symbolize this website.

Via Giphy

And no, it is not because of the movie Free Willy! Since my introduction to the Canucks began with the West Coast Express, I felt it would be appropriate to symbolize that. If you are a veteran fan of the team, you’re probably thinking, “The Orca symbolized Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, which doesn’t exist anymore.”

Via Giphy

And I would say you are correct (about the company not existing when ownership changed). In fact, the current logo is not even my favourite one. The Stick-in-Rink and Johnny Canuck logos are much more appealing to me.

Canucks Logo


Johnny Canuck 4

However, the orca means so much more to me than the ownership of the team. I liked the colour change when the Reebok introduced the new line of NHL jerseys. The ocean blue and forest green felt so perfect as a way to identify the city and the team. Orca whales are not exclusive to Vancouver, but they give me that feeling of being on the West Coast.

Even if the current jerseys change when Adidas takes over production, I will still hang on to this domain. Every fan has their favourite jersey. Whether it is one of the above, the flying skate or even the infamous “V” (you know who you are).  Logos and jerseys may change over time with this franchise, but one thing will remain the same: I will love this team (even if I disagree with some of its decisions).


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