Canucks Post-Game: Troy Stecher from Richmond

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin of USA TODAY Sports
by Scott Rosenhek

Tonight’s game against the team from Long Island wasn’t your average game. The Canucks were trying to bounce back from that disappointing loss in overtime to the Canadiens Tuesday and the Islanders were trying to get the Toronto Maple Leafs (ugh) off their back in the playoff race in the East. The Canucks and their playoff hopes? Well…

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Honestly, the start of the game was preceded by good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news.

It’s too bad Nikolay Goldobin caught the flu tonight. I wanted to see more of the charismatic Russian on the ice, but things happen. The good news is Tryamkin was back in the lineup! However, the depleted forward group meant defenceman Alex Biega had to switch positions this evening.

Bat-Dog Man.gif
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Was Biega the unsung hero we deserved tonight? No, but it’s the thought that counts. Now, on to the game. Reid Boucher had a huge opportunity playing on a line with Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi.

John Tavares opened up the scoring early, but Boucher capitalized on his opportunity with this pretty goal to tie the game. Just when you thought the Canucks would retreat into the trap, “Bear-Cheese” jumped on a turnover made by John Tavares.

Seriously, we need to some Bear Cheese shirseys in the canucks store (Please?). Later in the second period, the Canucks fell behind 3-2 thanks to a breakaway goal from Anthony Beauvillier and a tip in by Brock Nelson.

Well, we have seen this story before. This is where the Canucks desperately try to throw everything at the opposition and come up short, right? I mean, how many games have we seen them down a goal and once that goaltender is pulled, the empty netters pile on? The pessimist in me was doubtful, but, Troy Stecher from Richmond had something to say to that.

What a goal! And the Richmond shout-out from Wyatt just made the equalizer that much better. Going in to overtime, Stecher had a goal and an assist. Once again, I ask, who knows what will happen? Ben Hutton had a heck of a shift in overtime and raced back like a bullet to to prevent a goal going the other way. Unfortunately, he had to ice the puck and was out for that fast-paced overtime for over 1:30.

And with that, the Canucks lose, but take another point as they slowly edge their way from the best possible odds for a top 3 pick in this year’s draft. For Team Tank, this was not a pleasant night for them, but at least the Canucks have met the 65 points that was predicted at the start of the year.

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I just jinxed it, didn’t I? Ah well, on a day of strange events, there was also the story about the Irish Hurler making up stories about what hockey players do. How the best slump busters are knocking back 20 beers the night before a game. Or some weird oil wrestling crap involving rookies.

Take a good look at this guy. Looks like he lost count of the beers he was drinking before talking to his local Irish media outlet.

The reason I’m upset about this is that the Canucks hosted this moron to give him a look at what the life of hockey players is like. I guess to fill the need of whatever trashy show he was supposed be on back home in Ireland needed some libelous crap to be anything meaningful. You can check out more of the details in the articles below, but I guess I am saying it takes a certain level of stupid to think people would believe this since the Internet is a thing.

Granted, the stuff he is talking about most likely happened in the past. It was harder to share information as quickly as today and it was easier to turn a blind eye to something back then. However, times have changed, and I prefer to simply live by this when I question something.

Bullshit Meter.gif
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NEXT GAME: Saturday, March 11 vs Penguins 7 pm PST (TV: CBC, Radio: TSN)





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