Second Round Spotlight #3: Jaret Anderson-Dolan

Photo Credit: Spokane Chiefs

By Scott Rosenhek

Second Round Spotlight is a new series of profiles for players that I would hope for the Canucks to select at 33rd overall in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

Next up in the Second Round Spotlight Series is the Spokane Chiefs’ Jaret Anderson-Dolan. He is a skilled forward with an incredible story.

Jaret Anderson-Dolan
Via Elite Prospects

The Calgary native is not the biggest player, but he is by no means considered small. Jaret’s frame has filled out well so far, but the amazing fact is that he will likely grow further to become a stocky and effective professional player.

Jaret scored 39 goals with 76 points in 72 games, with 28 points coming from the power play. He was also picked to be the captain of Team Canada for the Under 18 World Junior Championships. One wrinkle in his season would be producing no points at that tournament, which may factor in some draft rankings.

He is a quick and agile skater, playing much bigger than his weight may suggest. Anderson-Dolan can play the physical grinding game, but also utilizes finesse to great effect. His defensive awareness is strong in his own end and Jaret can be a 3 zone impact player. He is one of the youngest players in this draft, born three days away from being eligible for the 2018 draft.

Jaret Anderson-Dolan has an incredible shot that is ready for professional hockey. This does not mean he can step into the NHL right away, but his shot is already there. His play is that of a scorer and a playmaker. Some may argue that size may hold him back, but his low centre of gravity keeps him on his feet. This will be helped further along as he adds strength.

Anderson-Dolan is not the flashiest player, but he has the skill to produce in a middle-six role. Some even argue that his play could develop to a point that would fringe on producing at a first line rate.

Lastly, I wanted to go over Jaret’s unique story. He has two mothers and could not be prouder. Anderson-Dolan is a huge supporter of the LGBT community and convinced his teammates to wrap their hockey sticks in pride tape to celebrate the community and his parents. He is one of the hardest workers out there and attributes his attitude and commitment to his mothers.

I know that we normally shouldn’t draft a person because they can make a good story, but Jaret Anderson-Dolan is a fantastic hockey player in addition to having an incredible story. Vancouver is seen as a more progressive city compared to others, so drafting him would fit quite well from a PR perspective.

Jaret possesses the skill and speed to become a future player in the NHL. I firmly Jaret Anderson-Dolan will become a good NHL player for whoever drafts him in June. That team that drafts him could just be the Vancouver Canucks.

I had a little trouble finding videos online that compiled his highlights into one package, so here is a draft profile and playlist of highlights.


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